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Prospective Clients

Dear Prospective Clients,

First, let me say “Thank You” for taking time to consider using our firm for your professional accounting needs.

Our clients choose, and stay, with our firm because they realize that we not only do everything possible to care for their business, but also because we take great interest in them. We desire to treat everyone just as we would like to be treated. Doing what is best for the client is always the most important objective at our office.

A quick read of our Mission Statement and Performance Standards should give you some insight into our firm and how we work with our clients.

Our clients have told us that they generally prefer to work with us according to fixed price agreements. This way, you know what you will be investing—no risk, no surprises. Also, fixed price agreements serve to clarify the nature and extent of services that you desire.

Besides fixed prices and supreme customer service, our firm has one more point of differentiation—business development consulting. We realize that your business is not just a bunch of numbers. It is your life. By finding ways to help you improve the performance of your business, your quality of life is enhanced. If the time comes that you desire assistance in improving the performance and value of your business, we are ready to help.

Thank you again for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you. Please feel free to call us with any questions that you may have, or to make an introductory appointment.